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Take the hassle out of towing your caravan, why not store in our secure compound then when you want to holiday at Home Farm, for a small fee, we will tow it out on a pitch for you. Perfect if you are arriving late after a busy week at work, or if you simply are not able to tow. All we require is a minimum of 48 hours notice and you can relax knowing your home on wheels is already on site for you! When your stay with us is over, simply leave everything secure,wind the legs up and we will park it back in the compound for you. What could be easier?


Customers wishing to take caravans out of the compound themselves, must also give the required 48 hours notice.


Bank holidays are very busy and we recommend booking at least 2 months in advance.

Prices start at £210 + VAT for 6 months.


For further information and availability please contact Dawn Baker on 01568 780525 or 07905212605.

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